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FilaFarm - FilaPrint Bed Adhesion Surface Sheet

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FilaFarm - FilaPrint 3D Printer Bed Adhesion Sheet

Simply put, this is the best print surface you will ever use!

Please read the manual! There is important information about how to handle the FilaPrint sheet without damaging it.

With an estimated 5 year lifespan, the FilaPrint sheet is ideal for the 3D printing of all filament materials. It works amazingly well with ABS, PLA, PET, PETG, ASA, Biofila, NylonTec+, Flexifil, Laybrick, Laywoo, Bendlay, HIPS, PMMA, TPU and many other Filaments.

When heated the first layer adhesion is extremely strong! After cooling the finished parts are easily removed avoiding damage to the part. FilaPrint is coated with a ultra- thin transfer layer and we recommend it with our Precision Plate or Borosilicate. This product will also work with aluminium, mirrors or other glass surfaces.


  • Plug & Play ready in few minutes
  • extremely durable (>2-5 years) 
  • compensates surface irregularities
  • smooth print surface
  • no need for cleaning
  • flame resistant
  • low printbed temperatures
  • less warping
  • lightweight
  • ideal for large scale 3d prints
  • improved for first layer
  • non harzardous to health (contains no harmful phenols, epoxid and other resins)
  • detailed multilanguage manual
  • Made in Germany

Available Sizes:

  • 200x200mm (Standard RepRap bed size) 
  • 218x200mm (Prusa i3 MK2)
  • 280x200mm (Tevo Tarantula Large Bed)
  • 400x250mm (Tevo Black Widow)

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