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Tarantula Pro

Tevo's Newest addition is the Delta 3D Printer you've always wanted


The 90% Assembled Large Format Printer.

Black Widow

The best print size to price ratio you will find anywhere.


Best in class low cost 3D Printer, all aluminum frame, and heated bed. What more do you need?
Tevo Tarantula Pro 3D Printer

Tarantula Pro

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Tevo Tornado 3D Printer

Tevo Black Widow Kit

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Tevo Tarantula Kit

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Free Shipping From CA to Lower 48

Why buy a 3d printer kit?


3D Printer kits costs significantly less than pre-built printers of the same quality. Because it requires assembly by the you, the cost savings in the manufacturing process gets passed on to you. Our goal of high quality affordable 3D printers start here.


Building your own 3D Printer allows you to know the ins and outs of your 3D Printer. The process will familiarize you with all the components of the printer allowing you to understand how the printer works.


Our printers kits are designed on an open platform, meaning we do not prevent our customers from making improvements to their machine. This allows you to upgrade everything from the frame to the hot end.


Because you can upgrade any part of the machine, the same concept can be applied to create a machine specific to your needs. All software is open source so you can add extra extruders, customize to work with any material (pancake batter anyone?), or even create a laser engraving machine.